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Alexis King

It’s my belief that merchants of all risk levels from retail to e-commerce, deserve a consultative and transparent payments solution. You should see our faces light up when we find a merchant their perfect “payments fit.” It is that passion and excitement that we strive to bring to our merchants, employees, and community.

Rigel Payments is committed to not only helping our clients accept credit cards, but truly thrive in their market, whichever market that may be. From farmer’s markets to online shopping carts, we are here to simplify and enhance yours and your customers’ payments experience.

  • Director, Partner Relations, National Merchants Association
  • Sales Support Manager, National Merchants Association
  • Processing Manager, Payment Systems Corp.
  • Call Center Manager, Payment Systems Corp.
  • Chair, SoCal LINC
  • Chair, ETA Member Engagement Committee
  • Award Recipient, ETA Star Award – Committee Volunteer of the Year 2017

Being with my friends and family is essential! When I am not in the office, I am camping, dancing like crazy at concerts, rooting for my fantasy football team, or just lounging with my cat. Bring on the cat lady jokes.