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John Yarmy

Everything we do, we believe in challenging what has become the Payments Industry “norms” and status quo.  We believe in bringing trust and value back to merchants and small businesses.  The way we bring trust and value back is by prioritizing humans, doing the right thing and introducing and helping small businesses understand and market products that will help them survive, compete and thrive!

Rigel Payments was founded on the belief that people can wake up every morning and feel good about going to work.  That they can leave work and go home feeling inspired, fulfilled, safe and grateful.  Our culture, our environment, our values and actions will create, support and sustain these fundamental human rights.  This is a human first culture where employees will not only be asked to “work” but to inspire their cooperation, their trust, their loyalty to drive security and excellence.

  • Chief Sales Officer – National Merchants Association
  • Senior Vice President, ISO Sales – NPC, A Vantiv Company
  • Sales Director and Vice President – ISO Sales, First Data Corporation
  • Vice President of Buypass 3rd party Sales – Concord EFS
  • Vice President North East Region – Unified Merchant Services, First Data
  • Sales Representative, Sales Manager, V.P. North East Region – Key Merchant Services, a Nova Company

I keep things simple.  I love Hockey (Let’s go Rangers), Golf and the challenge of staying in shape as I get older, Reading and Audio books (Stephen King, Simon Sinek, Brian Tracy and Auto-biographies).  I enjoy watching others play fantasy football, c’mon – it’s just as fun as playing and no work and no stress.  I love to teach and mentor.   I love hearing everyone’s story – I mean, everyone has a fascinating and unique story.  I love a good nap, and yes, it’s true, I’m a cat guy!  I’ve recently relocated to Carlsbad, CA (from NEW YORK CITY!) where I’m actively getting involved in growing our community.  And finally, I refuse to be anyone but myself – Every day!