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Rigel Payments leadership team is composed of highly respected payment industry professionals

The Business for Businesses

We're the business aiming to make your business as successful as possible regarding its payment methods - which is crucial for existing in the modern and quick moving world. We want to ensure that your business is up to date with industry standards and customer expectations. We are convinced that this is the best thing a business owner could do for their company and it is our pleasure to assist in that growing process.

Let our experts help your experts do their job with an ease and professionalism that will change your business for the better.
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Meet the Team

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Alexis Lichterman

Managing Partner

John Yarmy

Managing Partner

Michael Hill

V.P. of Operations


It’s my belief that merchants of all risk levels from retail to e-commerce, deserve a consultative and transparent payments solution. You should see our faces light up when we find a merchant their perfect “payments fit.” It is that passion and excitement that we strive to bring to our merchants, employees, and community. Rigel Payments is committed to helping our clients.


Everything we do, we believe in challenging what has become the Payments Industry “norms” and status quo. We believe in bringing trust and value back to merchants and small businesses. The way we bring trust and value back is by prioritizing humans, doing the right thing and introducing and helping small businesses understand and market products that will help them survive, compete and thrive!

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We believe in bringing trust and value back to

merchants and small businesses.

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