Point of Sale (POS)

Everything You Need to Complete Customer Transactions and Manage Your Business Quickly and Efficiently

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Why a Cloud Based Tablet Point of Sale?

Time: Get your valuable time back to focus on growing your business

Money: Save Bottom Line dollars by streamlining operations

Growth: Keep you customers coming back with an effortless customer experience

Manage/Control: Make informed, measured decisions based on real time business analytics and data

Payment Solutions That Fit

The CoVid Factor: Customers are expecting on-line options to shop, buy online, and pick up or pay their bill online.

Growth: Sell more by offering your customers more options to buy.

Customer Experience: Keep your customers coming back with a seamless online experience

Options: Integrated into POS, stand-alone, or online bill payment, Rigel has your on-line solution.

Service Help: Help setting up menu or on-line store.

Low Priced: We will save your business money.

Service: 24/7 Always Open, and preferable on-site.

Why Your Business Should Invest in a Good POS System?

Centralizing your information management system creates a cohesive operation that gives all employees access to vital information to perform their jobs more efficiently.


From service workers to management, the right POS system can help increase productivity, revenue, and simplify operations.


If you want to learn more about how our POS systems work and how to incorporate them into your business, give us a call at 844-857-2956.

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Online Processing

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Grow Your Business


When it comes to your business, you're in charge. Rigel offers multiple Cloud Based tablet P.O.S Systems to suite what's important to your individual business.


From setting up inventory, to training your staff, to vendor management through automated purchase orders, Rigel is hands on and there for you every step of the way. And of course, we offer cost plus, interchange plus, and flat rate pricing to keep your bottom line as low as possible.

The POS systems we offer come complete with hardware and software to process customer transactions securely, run administrative tasks efficiently, and manage your business successfully.


We will help you evaluate and install the hardware equipment you need, and train your staff on how to use it to maximize the benefits of your point of sales system.


Let's Work Together

Let our experts help your experts do their job with an ease and professionalism that will change your business for the better.